Our Services



Custom Development

Commercial off-the-shelf software packages are designed and developed with the masses in mind. This can lead to solutions that only fulfill some of the requirements an organization requires and can require process modifications to conform to the technology.

Our software architects develop and integrate custom .NET software solutions for the web. We utilize cutting edge technologies and development methodologies to create custom applications that meet the ever evolving business needs of our clients and their businesses. 




Professional Services

Any tool is only as good as its implementation and the level of understanding by the people utilizing it. We understand the importance of bridging the gap between technology, operations, and people.

Our Professional Services team is the conduit between our technology and your operations. They specialize in every aspect of a successful installation. From requirements gathering and design to implementation and support, they ensure successful delivery of our technology.


Process Automation

We specialize in delivering data driven automation solutions. Our applications are web based platforms with the capacity to customize and manage your processes from a centralized system.

With over 12 years of experience in business automation, we have created workflow solutions for organizations of all sizes, across many industries. From Human Resources and Information Technology to Marketing and everything in-between, our solutions can automate processes and keep you focused on your core business agendas.



System Integration

We have over 10 years of experience integrating disparate sources of information across departments and organizations.

We work closely with subject matter experts to create pipelines across technology that allow resources to focus on their core function and to not be burdened with the manual collection and manipulation of data. 



Data Mining

Our experience with large complex data sets and database design enables us to work hand in hand with organizations to turn data into actionable information.

We specialize in consulting with stakeholders to understand the data collection systems in place as well as the acquisition of pivotal information that provides the most opportunity to decrease costs while increasing revenue. We can then perform data clean-up, validation, and generate reports to ensure accurate information or metrics.



Data Integration

In a data driven marketplace, it is vital that businesses collect and analyze information to aid in both strategic planning and decision-making.

Through automation and centralization, data can be collected and consolidated allowing organizations to identify trends and areas of opportunity.